Lightsand is Steinar Lyssand`s own solo project,his album will be released September 30, 2017

Fysical album is available in my store here at my webpage,

it will also be possible to download or stream it on all digital download and streaming platform around.

A little history behind this album: 

Steinar Lyssand went to Nashville July 2016 and had 12 songs with him in his suitcase wen he started to record his Album " Monday Morning Call"

With help from his good friend and producer Erick Jaskowiak and some great session musician,they finished this album at Sound Emporium Studio,some few days later Steinar did some Vocal and guitar overdubs in Erick`s studio together with Tim Marks and Rachael Moore to finish up the tracks on the album.

Steinar went back to seattle in March 2017 and together with Erick they mixed the album at Sage Arts Studio.

Some days later the mix was sent to independent Mastering Nashville where Eric Conn finished the whole album by mastering it.

And that`s the story and here it is 

Monday Morning Call album.

Play it loud!!!

Lightsand er Steinar Lyssand sitt nye Country prosjekt,hans nye Album Monday Morning Call ble sluppet 30 September 2017.
Steinar Lyssand reiste til Nashville sommeren 2016 med 12 Nye Country låter i bagasjen.